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Helping companies and HR leaders manage the human side of business. 


WorkSprout is a boutique HR consultancy and executive coaching service led by Founder Katherine Brune. Katherine has spent over 15 years working in the human resource space for some of America’s most admired companies, fulfilling her personal goal to help others thrive. WorkSprout was founded on the belief that great ideas can take root – and sprout - when companies and their people work together. 


What we do

Organizational Effectiveness
  • Employee Retention Strategies

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Recognition and Employee Appreciation Programs

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Development and Training

  • Learning Program Design and Facilitation

  • Purpose, Mission, and Values Creation and Integration

  • Employee Listening and Engagement

  • Employee Surveying

Leader and Talent Coaching
  • Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching

  • Career Transition Coaching

Well-being and Benefits
  • Well-Being Strategies

  • Benefits Design and Vendor Management

  • Benefit Communications

Internal Employee Communications
  • Internal Communications Plans

  • Message Crafting

  • Presentation Development

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Clients are partners.
Problem-solving is our passion.


What makes
WorkSprout different?

Uniquely Collaborative

Our work is founded on a deep understanding of every client’s individual business challenges. Your needs are constantly evolving, and we continually seek new ways to serve you. Trust, understanding, and an exchange of ideas are at the core of every partnership.


Flexible Work Approach

The amount of time clients need from WorkSprout can fluctuate on an on-going basis, and we’re able to expand and contract with them.


100% Tailored Solutions

We understand HR solutions are not one-size-fits-all, so we build a custom strategy for every project. No templates. No consulting models. 

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The Twenty Minute Audit:
Where to Spend Your next
Well-Being Dollars

What clients are saying

“We think of Katherine as an extension of our HR team. It’s a gift for a small-sized company like ours to be able to add her level of expertise and strategy to our business.”


Dave Brautigan, CEO, Mix Tape Ventures


Want to know more?


Sample work products

  • Company purpose, guiding principles, and values framework design

  • Purpose and values integration into processes, programs, and behaviors

  • Workplace evolution from residential to hybrid environment

  • Employee well-being champions network launch

  • Well-being and engagement survey tool selection, implementation, and delivery

  • Executive coaching to HR Directors, CEOs, and managers

  • Internal communications campaign on organization transformation

  • Career transition coaching

  • Well-being workshop facilitation

  • Multi-national focus group facilitation

  • Leadership development academy design and facilitation

  • Employee appreciation events

  • Engagement and well-being activities

  • Open enrollment and communications

  • Employee benefits implementation

  • COVID-19 workplace guidelines

  • ​Onboarding and offboarding strategy 

  • Performance management

  • Employee handbooks

  • Interview guides

  • Recognition and top-performer programs

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